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“Nine Flawed Sapphires”


This is a map derived from the “Nine Flawed Sapphires” adventure provided in the “A Dozen and One Adventures” Sourcebook (by Steven Kurtz). I tried to remain true to the original but made several modifications. The story is that this complex is serves as a warehouse/production center/hideout for someone who is illegally distributing wine (alcohol is illegal in the Al-Qadim world). The hideout is hidden behind “Sakina Falls” and can be accessed by uttering the magic words which shift the waterfall to the left. The entire place is magically illuminated (hence the reason why you will find no torches).

Since the PCs will not know the magic word, the best plan to gain entry is to ambush someone as they come out.  To facilitate that, I’ve created this rather large encounter map.

Both maps were made using CC3 and a variety of objects derived from the CSUAC or Dunjinni Forums.

4 thoughts on ““Nine Flawed Sapphires”

  1. Would PCs be able to try to get through the waterfall, without the magic word (and without ambushing someone coming out)?

  2. The adventure as written pretty much railroads the PCs into an ambush since there is no way they could know or find out the password and any attempts to go through the waterfall lead to a painful fall and certain death. A more liberal DM could leave the waterfall open after the workers leave for enough time so the PCs could hide/wait for them to pass and then run down to the entrance before it closes up again.

    In my group, they did ambush and interrogate the workers to get the password. But, in retrospect, this is one aspect of this adventure that I would probably modify in the future so as to give the players more options.

    • I wonder if something like a Wall of Ice spell could be used to create a temporary roof that allows the PCs to crawl into the passage (or if it could block off the top of the waterfall and divert the flow for its duration).

      On a less magical note, I wonder if someone that knew how to build siege engines could build some sort of tunnel that people can push through waterfalls, so that people can crawl through the tunnel and get behind them. Building something like that would cause a delay, but if the PCs were not rushed, they could bring along a few hirelings and ambush the people in the warehouse.

      Another option could be to surround the warehouse and prevent anyone from getting out without being captured. They would have enough water, but would need food at some point.

      • I think those are all viable options…but the adventure is written for early levels (1-3 I think), so not sure how likely they would be. On the other hand, the basic adventure hook and idea of a secret brewery/hideout behind a waterfall is pretty cool and could certainly be expanded upon for a higher level adventure of your own…in which any of those options would make sense

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