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Temple of Huron

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This is a temple I created for a mapping challenge at the Cartographer’s Guild.  It was my first attempt to utilize the lighting effects available from the CC3 Annual.

It is situated deep in the Herion Islands and can only be accessed via a mountain pass.  It was constructed by Elves many generations ago as a shrine to their creator god.  Brave warriors would seek it out as a rite of passage and would be blessed should they survive the journey.

Eventually, the elvish nation which maintained this temple went to war with a human clan and were eventually defeated.  The head cleric of the temple was angry that his patron god did not intervene in this war and turned to malevolent deities in a failed attempt to alter the situation.  Since then, the temple has fallen into ruin and darkness.  The cleric remains in the temple and has amassed a considerable undead following.

Ground Floor

2nd Floor

Basement – 1st Level

Basement – 2nd Level

Basement – 3rd Level

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