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Floating City of Khuramunz

“The Floating City of Khuramunz” was my winning entry into the May/June 2013 Lite Challenge at the Cartographer’s Guild.  (WIP Thread)  The challenge was to map something with a nautical theme and I choose to create a small pirate city situated on a series of rafts out in the ocean.

The “city” is home to the “Plundering Horde”, a mafia type pirate organization with several subgroups specializing in different activities and generally hanging out in different areas.  The “Black Veil” is focused mainly on the bread and butter smuggling type activities and the slave trade.  The “Dark Tide” is more of a smash and grab mercenary force.  And the “Unseen” is a more clandestine group that intends to get in and out without anyone being the wiser.


Made with Photoshop (Ships made with CC3)