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X8 – Drums on Fire Mountain


Real life has kept me busy for quite a while.  Finally got a little bit of a break and decided to redo a map from an old-school D&D adventure.  “Drums on Fire Mountain” (X8) seems like a really cool adventure that i’d like to run at some point, so I figured i’d start there.  The broader plan is to map the whole adventure…but there are a lot of maps in this one, so we’ll see how far I get.  But for now, here’s a small map of the entrance to an underground temple complex.

Map 3a - Under Ni-Malowa

Made with CC3 and some symbols from the Dunjinni Forums.  Text and post-effects done in Photoshop.

Here’s an encounter map for the adventure (T2)….the unsuspecting PCs come across a stump in the middle of a clearing…and it happens to be occupied by a Tarantella.

Map T2 - Tarantella Encounter

2 thoughts on “X8 – Drums on Fire Mountain

  1. More! More! I LOVE Drums on Fire Mountain, and I’m planning on running it for my teen (and one 7 year old) Pathfinder game.
    I’m running a combination Savage Tide / Serpent’s Skull adventure path that eventually moves to The Isle of Dread. I was considering doing Drums on Fire Mountain on their way there, and thought I’d look to see if there were any new versions of maps online. I saw yours, and it looks fantastic!
    Are you ever going to do the rest of them?

    • Hi there! Glad you liked the maps. Unfortunately, this was one of those projects I never got to finish (and probably won’t get back to in the near future). But it looks like a rad adventure and hopefully one day I’ll finish mapping it and DM it. Good Luck with your game!

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