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New Map Pack – Watchtower!

Busy weekend – 2 new products in 2 days!

I’ve just released a map pack for a Watchtower or Military fortification.  It has two floors with plenty of rooms and a basement cave that is well suited to a variety of adventuring scenarios.  It is available for only $1 on DriveThruRPG.

DTRPG - Cover Image.jpg


Need a Watchtower or Military Outpost Encounter Map for your next adventure? This encounter map will serve you well!  This building has two main floors and basement cave that lends itself to a variety of adventuring scenarios.  The map is drawn to scale (5’=1″) and is ready to print from the comfort of your own home or upload to your favorite VTT.

This Map Pack contains

The maps are provided in .JPG file format to either take to your local print shop or upload to your favorite VTT.

Each map is also provided in this PDF for at home printing.  Each page is overlapping 1/2 inch with successive pages to the right and below the previous page.  Print each page as Letter sized in landscape orientation with no adjustments made to scale.  After they are printed simply cut away the white border and glue/tape pages together so that the overlapping parts match up for a seamless map.

This Map Pack DOES NOT contain adventure notes or stat blocks.


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New XMAS Adventure!

I’ve just released a Christmas/Holiday themed adventure at DriveThruRPG.com!  It only costs $2 and contains the following maps.  See below for the adventure description.

Krampus Cave Preview.jpg

3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4 PCs of levels 2-4

After an odd encounter with an unusually tall and fat elf, the party is unexpectedly transported to the Village of Northwich. Although they are not aware of it, they have been enlisted by Santa Claus to liberate one of his workshops from his rival Krampus. While in Northwich, the party will learn that the children of the village have mysteriously disappeared. After a short search and battle with some evil snowmen, they discover a cabin in the woods and the secret workshop beneath it. Unfortunately, it has been taken over by Krampus and his evil elf minions who have not only enslaved the children, but also transformed all that is joyful about the holiday season into a horror show (giant gingerbread men, swarms of toys, and evil reindeer). Can the party liberate the children and save the holiday season before it is too late?

This holiday adventure is designed for 4 characters of levels 2-4 who seek to enjoy a light-hearted and humorous game filled with corny puns and good cheer.

With this Purchase you get:

  • An Adventure book (10 pages) that includes:
    • Complete Stat Blocks for all creatures (including Krampus) and GM Reference Maps as close to the description of the encounter as possible.
    • A new magic item (Magic Music Box)
    • Battlemaps for a wilderness encounter and a cave workshop.
  • A Map Book at the end of the Adventure book (29 pages) that includes:
    • Ready to Print, scaled (5′ = 1″) letter sized, multiple page PDFs in color for all combat encounters.  No need to mess with printer settings – just print, cut the white margins, and glue/tape together so that the overlapping parts match for a seamless map.
  • Zip file contains:
    • Full sized JPGs for all encounters to use with your favorite VTT or to take to your local print shop.