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New Map Pack! – The Cold Horns Inn

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Hey all – Just finished a new map pack for “The Cold Horns Inn”.  It is a massive inn with three floors and 44 rooms/areas.  The main floor hosts a stable, guestrooms, drinking halls, garden, and other amenities.  The second floor is primarily a hay loft and guard tower.  The basement features a stage, drinking halls, private suites, servants quarters, and plenty of space for storage through the long winter.

It is loosely based on the “Calling Horns Inn” from Forgotten Realms – and the inspiration/sketches were provided by Casey77 at the Cartographer’s Guild.

Only $3 at DriveThruRpg!

DTRPG - Cover Image.jpg

The map is drawn to scale (5’=1″) and is ready to print from the comfort of your own home or upload to your favorite VTT.  All maps are provide with or without the grid.

This Map Pack contains:  

The maps are provided in .JPG file format to either take to your local print shop or upload to your favorite VTT.

Each map is also provided in this PDF for at home printing.  There will be a GM map with labels followed by successive pages of scaled images of that map.  Each page is overlapping &frac;12; inch with successive pages to the right and below the previous page.  Print each page as Letter sized with no adjustments made to scale.  After they are printed simply cut away the white border and glue/tape pages together so that the overlapping parts match up for a seamless map.

This Map Pack DOES NOT contain adventure notes or stat blocks, but it does contain very bare-bones room descriptions on the instructions page.

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