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New Map Pack! Magic Shop

I’ve just created a new map pack and it is available for only $2 at Drivethrurpg.com!

Check it out!

DTRPG - Cover Image.jpg

Magic Shop (Bookstore, Curios, Trading Post, etc)

We all need a magic shop for our adventures from time to time.  This encounter map saves you the trouble of creating one on your own – and can easily serve as stand in for various other types of stores (Books, Curios, Oddities, or maybe just a simple trading post).  This simple building has a storefront, backroom, and bedroom for the owner.

The map is drawn to scale (5’=1″) and is ready to print from the comfort of your own home or upload to your favorite VTT (With or without the Grid)

This Map Pack contains:  

The maps are provided in .JPG file format to either take to your local print shop or upload to your favorite VTT.

Each map is also provided in this PDF for at home printing.  Each page is overlapping &frac;12; inch with successive pages to the right and below the previous page.  Print each page as Letter sized in portrait orientation with no adjustments made to scale.  After they are printed simply cut away the white border and glue/tape pages together so that the overlapping parts match up for a seamless map.

This Map Pack DOES NOT contain adventure notes or stat blocks