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Custom Miniature Building For Sale!

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Hi All,

I created a Miniature Hut/Hovel for a game I ran a few years back.  I’ve decided to sell it on Etsy for $25.  Here are some photos and more details are below.  BTW – email me (AnomieCoalition@hotmail.com) if you’d like to commission any custom builds!

image 0

This is a custom built miniature Hut/Hovel for tabletop RPGs.

16″ Long x 9″ Wide x 6″ Tall

Door opens/closes. Removable roof. 5’=1″ grid inside. Smoke hole in roof (you could put a tea light inside for a great gaming effect).

MINIATURE IS NOT INCLUDED! Displayed for scale purposes

Constructed with cardboard and posterboard – sealed with Mod Podge and then varinsh for durability.

Shipped in a well packed box – Sold as shown

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