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Forgotten Realms Crypt of the Black Hand

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Until April 9th, 2020 – follow this link to get it at the discounted price of $3!


The “Hellgate Keep” (TSR9562) was an amazing adventure module but offered very few details about the Crypt of the Black Hand that dwelt beneath it.

This supplement expands upon the history and lore of this locale along with providing all the maps, room descriptions, suggested encounters, and monster stat blocks you need to create a truly memorable dungeon crawl for your players.

This module is designed for use with at least four PCs levels 9 to 12 with at least one divine spell caster recommended. Monster stat blocks and DM overview maps are provided as close to the description of the encounter as possible for quick reference. Ready to Print Battle Maps are available in the Map Book PDF and Full Sized JPEGs can be found in the Zip File for use with your favorate virtual tabletop.

Crypt of the Black Hand - GM MAP - SAMPLE.jpg

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