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“Nine Flawed Sapphires”

This is a map derived from the “Nine Flawed Sapphires” adventure provided in the “A Dozen and One Adventures” Sourcebook (by Steven Kurtz). I tried to remain true to the original but made several modifications. The story is that this complex is serves as a warehouse/production center/hideout for someone who is illegally distributing wine (alcohol is illegal in the Al-Qadim world). The hideout is hidden behind “Sakina Falls” and can be accessed by uttering the magic words which shift the waterfall to the left. The entire place is magically illuminated (hence the reason why you will find no torches).

Since the PCs will not know the magic word, the best plan to gain entry is to ambush someone as they come out.  To facilitate that, I’ve created this rather large encounter map.

Both maps were made using CC3 and a variety of objects derived from the CSUAC or Dunjinni Forums.

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“The Lost Oasis”

My players have requested that I incorporate a desert flavor into the campaign and since I’m pretty new to world creation, I decided to base this on 2nd edition Al-Qadim. I plan on constructing a bunch of maps for some of the pre-made adventures for this series until I get a better grasp on designing a desert campaign of my own. I thought a good place to start was “The Last Oasis” provided by Dungeon Magazine (Issue 51). Players are hired to escort a caravan and stumble upon the “Borderland” which is a spiritual way point between the living and the dead.

This is a map of the Oasis which can be found in this “Borderland” region. I followed the basic map provided in the article pretty closely (but the original lacked detail, so I had to modify it a bit). I’m pretty sure that most of the symbols can be found in the CSUAC (buildings were constructed rather than stamped in) and the map was made with CC3. Font can be downloaded from Al-qadim.com.


I have also created a simple encounter map for use with this adventure.  Our players encounter an Obelisk and several corpses resting upon a dune.  Unfortunately for them, these corpses are not “dead”.