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New Adventures – “Metamorphosis”!

I’ve just published the 5th adventure in my Mistwick Marshes Campaign Setting.  Its on sale right now at Drive Thru Rpg for only $3!

3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4 PCs of levels 4-6

Sacraficial rituals, a diseased fog,  and a dangerous witch determined to amass an army of Boggards…

The adventure begins as the party stumbles upon a Shambling Mound feasting upon impaled corpses.  Regardless of how they resolve the encounter, they will be exposed to a strange fog that ultimately transforms its victims into Boggards dedicated to the service of the witch Anasinthe.  The fog is spreading and now threatens the nearby settlement of Rania.  Can the party solve the mystery and end this curse before it consumes them and all of Mistwick?

This adventure is the fifth in a new campaign world (Mistwick Marshes) where the spirits of an ancient elvish civilization still roam the muggy swamp and don’t take kindly to those who seek to loot their ruins.  Settlers on the frontier face constant perils from dangerous monsters, insidious witches, and roaming barbarian gangs.

With this Purchase you get:

  • An Adventure book (18 pages) that includes:
    • Complete Stat Blocks for all creatures and GM Reference Maps as close to the description of the encounter as possible.
    • This includes a new Disease (“Boggard’s Fog”), several unique magical items, and Anasinthe (the Witch) that can be used in other adventures.
  • A Map Book (41 pages) that includes:
    • Ready to Print, scaled (5′ = 1″) letter sized, multiple page PDFs in color for all combat encounters.  No need to mess with printer settings – just print, cut the white margins, and glue/tape together so that the overlapping parts match for a seamless map.
    • This includes 3 encounter maps ( available with or without the grid.)
  • Zip file contains:
    • Full sized JPGs for all maps to use with your favorite VTT or to take to your local print shop.

Sample Map

If you like it, please let me know in the comments!