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New Adventure! “Rania’s Curse”

I’ve just published the 4th adventure in my Mistwick Marshes Campaign Setting.  Its on sale right now at Drive Thru Rpg for only $3!

Final Cover - DTRPG.jpg

Here’s the Description:

3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4 PCs of levels 3-5

The party is propositioned to clear the road to a new settlement site at Lake Rania. They are also separately tasked with seeking out an oracle rumored to still be alive in the ruins of an ancient elvish temple nearby. Their patron hopes to learn the identity of the mastermind behind a rash of crimes against racial minorities in the town. Unfortunately, the temple has partially sunk into the lake (rendering the entire first floor under water) and the oracle has been transformed into a hideous Medusa. Should the party escape this underwater tomb, they must still face its ghostly guardians who wish to keep its secrets buried. Finally, upon their return to the town, they will be ambushed by a cult of human supremacist who wish to use their death as a justification for a war against racial minorities in the region.

Although this adventure was designed such that it could be placed into virtually any campaign world with minimal modifications, it also serves as the follow-up to DNMM-03 “Don’t Blame the Mob” and will lead into future adventures in Mistwick. The politics of the town and many of its inhabitants will become important NPCs and adventure hooks in the future.

This adventure is the fourth in a new campaign world (Mistwick Marshes) where the spirits of an ancient elvish civilization still roam the muggy swamp and don’t take kindly to those who seek to loot their ruins.  Settlers on the frontier face constant perils from dangerous monsters, insidious witches, and roaming barbarian gangs.

With this Purchase you get:

  • An Adventure book (22 pages) that includes:
    • Complete Stat Blocks for all creatures and GM Reference Maps as close to the description of the encounter as possible.
  • A Map Book (135 pages) that includes:
    • Ready to Print, scaled (5′ = 1″) letter sized, multiple page PDFs in color for all combat encounters.  No need to mess with printer settings – just print, cut the white margins, and glue/tape together so that the overlapping parts match for a seamless map.
    • This includes the main Temple map (2 floors) and 2 encounter maps (both available with or without the grid.
  • Zip file contains:
    • Full sized JPGs for all maps to use with your favorite VTT or to take to your local print shop.

And here is my One-Page Dungeon Entry (2015) that inspired the adventure:

Final One Page Dungeon 2015.jpg

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New Map Pack – Church, Abbey, or Temple

Hey all – Made a map of church for an adventure i’m working on (though it could also be used as an abbey or temple).  I made it into a map pack for sale at DriveThruRPG for only $1.  It is drawn to scale (5′ = 1″).

Cover for DTRPG

This Map Pack contains:  

The map is provided in .JPG file format to either take to your local print shop or upload to your favorite VTT.  Included in the ZIP file is a version with just the grid, a version with the grid and labels, and a version with neither.

Each map is also provided in this PDF for at home printing.  There will be a GM map with labels followed by successive pages of scaled images of that map.  Each page is overlapping &frac;12; inch with successive pages to the right and below the previous page.  Print each page as Letter sized in landscape orientation with no adjustments made to scale.  After they are printed simply cut away the white border and glue/tape pages together so that the overlapping parts match up for a seamless map.

This Map Pack DOES NOT contain adventure notes or stat blocks, but it does contain very bare-bones room descriptions on the instructions page.

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Village of Taffarel

The “Village of Taffarel” was my entry into the Cartographer’s Guild September/October 2012 Lite Challenge.  The challenge was to create a village map which depicted a secret of some kind.

This village is situated on a series of small plateaus in a mountainous region of my Al-Qadim campaign.  Its sort of a frontier outpost that sits near the mountainous boundary between semi-arid planes of the north and brutal desert to the south (Al-Qadim proper).  It is therefore largely autonomous and informally ruled by a large extended family whose elders are the head priests of the local temple.  The villagers themselves are primarily former nomads who have settled in this area for protection from other nomadic bands and tend livestock.

This map contains two secrets (although they were not depicted explicitly). Unbeknownst to outsiders or the average villager is that this ruling family is actually a clan of Lycan (Were-Hyenas) who have been terrorizing many of the nomadic tribes and small villages in the surrounding area.  Furthermore, the local temple is a shrine to “Inalla” who is commonly known as a goddess of nature, survival and instinct, but lesser known as the patron saint of Lycans.  The high priest in this temple is the Progenitor of this Were-Hyena bloodline and the family compound to the east is the home of his clan.

The second secret is that this clan of Lycan have also entered into an alliance with a Drow community.  The details of this community and the nature of their relationship to the Lycan still needs to be developed, but it largely revolves around inciting broader unease/rebellion in the Elvish communities of Al-Qadim.  The Lycans protect a secret entrance to the Underdark that lies beneath the temple (more specially, beneath the State of Inalla in the main hall of the temple.)

The temple was made with CC3 and utilizes textures modified from CGtextures.com.  It also relies upon symbols that can be found in the CSUAC and Dunjinni forums (Special thanks to Bogie for providing the Statue of Inalla.)  The rest of the map was created in Photoshop.

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Temple of Huron

This is a temple I created for a mapping challenge at the Cartographer’s Guild.  It was my first attempt to utilize the lighting effects available from the CC3 Annual.

It is situated deep in the Herion Islands and can only be accessed via a mountain pass.  It was constructed by Elves many generations ago as a shrine to their creator god.  Brave warriors would seek it out as a rite of passage and would be blessed should they survive the journey.

Eventually, the elvish nation which maintained this temple went to war with a human clan and were eventually defeated.  The head cleric of the temple was angry that his patron god did not intervene in this war and turned to malevolent deities in a failed attempt to alter the situation.  Since then, the temple has fallen into ruin and darkness.  The cleric remains in the temple and has amassed a considerable undead following.

Ground Floor

2nd Floor

Basement – 1st Level

Basement – 2nd Level

Basement – 3rd Level