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New Adventure – “What Killed the Stiner Boy?”

I’ve just released another adventure in my Mistwick Marshes campaign setting.  “What Killed the Stiner Boy?” is an adventure for characters of levels 2-4 and is available for only $3 at DriveThruRPG and Paizo.  Plus – included in the adventure are the maps for the previously released Brothel/Inn and Ruined Church/Abbey/Temple.

Here’s a preview of some of the other maps included and a description!

DTRPG - CoverMistwick Marshes - Regional Map

Estermere - Town Map - Preview VersionCrypt - With Labels - Preview Version

3.5 Compatible Adventure for 4 PCs of levels 2-4

After witnessing a young man (the “Stiner Boy”) seccumb to a deadly disease that has been ravaging the town of Estermere, the party is ultimately contracted to solve the mystery of its origin and discover a cure. Although a number of leads and potential side quests present themselves as they explore the town and speak with its inhabitants, the party will eventually stumble upon a ruined church deep in the marsh. In the crypts beneath the church, they will encounter a number of nefarious monsters along with a gang of bandits who are both behind the disease’s occurance, and hold the key to its cure.

In addition to the main quest (and rewards) associated with solving the disease mystery, the party has the opportunity to get involved in the town’s politics by helping an innocent man escape jail, brokering trade relations with the Jademi (Reclusive nomadic clans of Half-Elfs), and making useful contacts with an aspiring spy/assassin guild.

Although this adventure was designed such that it could be placed into virtually any campaign world with minimal modifications, it also serves as the follow-up to DNMM-01 “Bait and Switch” and will lead into future adventures in Mistwick. The politics of the town and many of its inhabitants will become important NPCs and adventure hooks in the future.

This adventure is the second in a new campaign world (Mistwick Marshes) where the spirits of an ancient elvish civilization still roam the muggy swamp and don’t take kindly to those who seek to loot their ruins.  Settlers on the frontier face constant perils from dangerous monsters, insidious witches, and roaming barbarian gangs.

With this Purchase you get:

  • An Adventure book (26 pages) that includes:
    • Complete Stat Blocks for all creatures and GM Reference Maps as close to the description of the encounter as possible.
    • An optional Dream Interpretation Skill (“Visare”) to add a prophetic quality to your game experience along with a random “Visare” generator.
    • Battlemaps for 2 wilderness encounters, a guard house, and a crypt.
    • Battlemaps for a brothel and a ruined church
      • Note – The Battlemaps for the Brothel and Ruined Church are reproductions of previously released battle map titles.
  • A Map Book (40 pages) that includes:
    • Ready to Print, scaled (5′ = 1″) letter sized, multiple page PDFs in color for all combat encounters.  No need to mess with printer settings – just print, cut the white margins, and glue/tape together so that the overlapping parts match for a seamless map.
  • Zip file contains:
    • Full sized JPGs for all encounters to use with your favorite VTT or to take to your local print shop.

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Desert Town Street Encounter

Hey all – Needed an encounter map for a street in a small desert town.  So I whipped this up in photoshop and made it available to buy ($1) at DriveThruRpg.  It comes with full sized .jpgs to plug into a VTT and ready to print versions in a .pdf (8 versions in all – without or without grid, labels, color/grayscale).

Cover Page for DTRPG